Our Mission – Talent Development

Waihong never stops pursuing to become the most well-established and largest environmental services company in Hong Kong since its inception. Our people-oriented culture drives us to encourage lifelong learning by designing and launching innovative and diversified professional learning programs throughout the years. We seek to create an all-round and trustworthy learning and development environment to advocate lifelong learning and sustainable development, which in turn feeds the talent pipeline to ensure that high-potential employees are fully exploited. Moreover, in order to confront industrial challenges so as to reach win-win situations, stimulate business growth while providing a comprehensive and extensive range of environmental services, Waihong fights to enhance its overall competitiveness in the market.

Our Competitive Advantage

Waihong fully recognizes that human capital is the key asset to the growth and profitability of our business. To maintain our competitive advantage in the market, Waihong always determines to promote and develop a forward-looking learning and development system, which is capable of nurturing the best young talent in our company, including:

  • More resources are allocated to learning constantly to develop diversified learning plan and comprehensive succession plan for employees
  • Introduction of innovative learning methodologies, responsiveness to changes by adopting flexible learning strategy
  • Paying attention to and value employees’ opinions, make use of diversified key performance indicators to define learning goals
  • Managers should practice what they preach, guide and share meaningful experiences personally to sustain a culture of lifelong learning in the company
  • Provision of the grassroots with career-oriented opinions and employment opportunities proactively

Starting from 2010, Waihong has been awarded with Manpower Developer 1st under the ERB Manpower Developer Award Scheme, which recognizes organizations demonstrating outstanding achievements in enhancing the quality of human resources in Hong Kong as well as manpower training and development, for nine consecutive years. This definitely motivates each and every employee in Waihong.