As one of the largest integrated environmental services group in the industry, Waihong employs 5,000 employees. To maintain this enormous workforce, Waihong has upheld the philosophy of “People-Oriented” human capital strategy that human capital is our most valuable asset. Employees’ “personal value” and the company’s “business value” are indivisible and vital for the future development of the group.

To realise the “People-Oriented” human capital strategy, Waihong has continuously promoted the “corporate learning culture” to strengthen employees’ self-recognition towards their own values and has allocated much more resources on improving its employees’ learning programs, so as to cultivate a harmonious and sustainable working environment. 


To align with the direction of the group’s business development, the Group has adopted different strategies and corporate culture to realise Waihong’s “people-oriented” management philosophy in order to nurture a new generation of management expertise for the group and the society:

Human Capital Professionalization Strategy

Through the promotion of qualification recognition mechanism, the encouragement on learning initiatives, the establishment of “Strategic Alliance”, Waihong further strengthens employee’s skillset to help maintain a professional workforce. 

Diversified Training Strategy

Through the constructive development and promotion of a forward-looking learning and human capital development system, the adoption of innovative training methodologies, the establishment of sophisticated learning programs and comprehensive succession planning, Waihong nurtures a new generation of professional management expertise for the group and the society to further sustain the group’s development path.

Young Staff Group

Young Staff Group (“YSG”) is established in July 2016 which includes young and bright representatives across different departments within the Group. YSG aims at understanding and listening the voices from young generation about the Group’s operations, policies, benefit and career planning through the communication and sharing between General Manager and young generation in regular meetings in order to take a new direction when formulating the Group’s new strategies and take care of the needs of new generation staff so as to give them more opportunities to evolve into our next generation of leaders.

Service Team Quality Management

Waihong respects on the employee’s “personal value” and “personal development”. Our professional service team possesses the following qualities:

  • Every employee “as the company’s pioneer”

    Waihong’s service team is “loyally-devoted”,“widely-exposed”, “innovatively-minded” and “strategically forward-looking”. Waihong actively acquires innovative technologies and streamlines work processes in order to provide the clients with safe and reliable environmental services. This allows the client’s resources to be used at appropriate spots and maximizes its economic benefits.

  • Every employee is an “specialist in the environment service industry

    Every employee of Waihong is a “specialist” in the environmental service industry. Through professional teamwork, each employee can provide the clients with “qualified”, “safe”, “reliable”, “professional” and “efficient” environmental cleaning services.

Employee Relationship and Communications

Waihong committed to realise the “People-Oriented” corporate culture. We understand the importance of work-life balance at workplace is the key to develop a win-win solution in between employer and employees. Therefore, we dedicate to create a good working environment by organizing various staff activities to enhance the work spirit, to strengthen the teamwork and to improve employee’s morale.

Staff Recreational Activities

With organizing large-scale and different types of staff recreational activities, employees can develop a close working relationship with management in order to enhance the sense of belonging and improve work productivity.

Staff Activities

In addition to regular staff’s activities, we will organize different types of employee gathering and events to let employees to relax and recharge after a long day of work.