Formaldehyde is one of the common indoor pollution in our daily life. It has been identified by the World Health Organization (WHO) as one of the substance that may cause cancer and abnormalities. Normally caused by Fiberboard, Plywood, Acoustical panels, Styrofoam and other decorative materials. Therefore, Waihong provides professional formaldehyde removal services to reduce the pungent odor and formaldehyde to protect your health.

Waihong will pre-examine the indoor formaldehyde concentration and combine actual environmental conditions, use the catalyst to purify the formaldehyde, mainly using photocatalyst for purification, enhancing its air purification effect and effective time.

We use advanced technology, equipment and effective catalyst to solve the problem of formaldehyde releasing. We are willing to provide comprehensive formaldehyde removal services and professional advice to ensure that the service is worthwhile.