Waihong specializes in the provision of a wide range of environmental services such as general cleaning, waste management, pest control and recycling services to its customers. We also provide the clinical waste management for hospitals, clinics or laboratories.

Why Waihong?

The strengths of Waihong

  • Establish a strong competent network of clinical disposal
  • Ensures the vehicle is in excellent operational condition
  • Awards the Clinical Waste Disposal Permit of the Environmental Protection Department
  • Provide good training for this waste collection staff. We ensure that our staff knows the proper procedure to collect clinical waste and has the ability to deal with spillage or other emergencies.

What is clinical waste?

Clinical Waste is waste from medical premises or laboratory that has the potential to cause disease.

Examples of clinical waste:

  • Medicine bottle, cotton, swabs and dressing
  • Discarded sharps
  • Discarded gloves and protection clothes

Hazards associated with clinical waste

Clinical waste is potentially dangerous because it can transmit disease and cause cuts and needle-stick injuries. If improperly handled, clinical waste would be hazardous to people at the work place, cleaners, waste handlers, and the general public.