Company Safety Management Committee and Workplace Safety Committee

Company Safety Management Committee is held once a year to encourage staff at all levels to participate in the establishment of OSH policies and management structures. In addition, three major Workplace Safety Committees are set up in 2017, the committee is held every three months. There are Mass Transit Railway Corporation, Hong Kong International Airport, and the theme park of Hong Kong. They are designed to improve the work safety and health standard so that all staff can be fully cooperation and actively participation.

Function of the Committee:
All employees have the opportunity to participate fully in the development and monitoring of safety and health arrangements at the workplace. This will give rise to the interest of the staff so that they are willing to take responsibility and ultimately reduce the number of accidents.

Safety & Health Promotion

Health at Work Pre Job Exercise Competition

Waihong promotes pre job exercise not only to allow employees bodies to have more body exercises, but also relieves stress and reduces the chance of injury.

Specific Themes of Safety Posters

Waihong regularly issues specific themes of safety and health posters to promote safety awareness and foster a culture of safety.

Safety Newsletter

Waihong issues safety newsletter every six months with the contents of the main safety and health information. We are particularly concerned about the safety and health of the workplace and the provision of accidental sharing to enable employees to take the necessary safety and health measures to avoid accidental recurrence.