Hong Kong Green Purchasing Charter

In June 2013, Waihong is a signatory to the Hong Kong Green Purchasing Charter under Green Council and is committed to promoting the concept of environmental protection, and we promised to actively purchase and use environmental friendly cleaning and pest control products, materials and equipment that meet the stringent safety and health standards of government regulations under ISO 14001 guideline.

Our procurement executives frequently conduct worldwide benchmarking and sourcing studies to assess international best practices and new materials for adoption to our local environment.

Green Product

Recycling Services

Waihong has always been concerned and taken full supports to green activities by actively promoting recycling concepts in order to support our customers for source separation and wastes recycling.

The Theme Park of Hong Kong has already applied to become the registered waste collector and actively provides collection, sorting, transportation, and storage of waste paper and plastic bottles, and we are keenly to become the member of environmental waste recycling services.