Mr. Raymond Chung, Managing Director

Mr. Chung is the Managing Director of Waihong Services Group. He joined Waihong in 1978 which has become a member of the Group since April 2018. Mr. Chung has accumulated over 40 years’ experience in the cleaning and environmental industry, and is responsible for the stipulation of business directions, management control and operation systems enhancement as well as new market development activities of the Group’s sanitation, cleaning and environmental services businesses.

Mr. Chung holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Corporate Administration. He was the Executive Committee and the Chairperson of Tendering Principles Sub-Committee of the Environmental Contractors Management Association (2013–2017). He was also the Chief Secretary of Environmental Services Contractors Alliance (Hong Kong) in 2013–2017.

Ms. Cindy Sze, General Manager

Ms. Sze is currently the General Manager of Waihong Services Group. She is primarily responsible for the finance, procurement and operations function of the Group.

Before joining Waihong, Ms. Sze has worked for an international audit firm. She has also worked for New World Group in the Merger and Acquisition division and also worked for NWS Holdings Group’s subsidiaries as financial controller.

Ms. Sze graduated from The University of Maryland at College Park with a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and obtained a Master of Science Degree in Finance from The University of Michigan-Dearborn.

Ms. Grace Lau, Deputy General Manager

Ms. Lau is the Deputy General Manager of Waihong Services Group. She joined Waihong as a Marketing Manager in 1996 and then transferred to Operations Team in 1998. Ms Lau has been the Chief Operations Manager (Commercial) of the Company since March 2005 and promoted to Deputy General Manager in 2022. She has accumulated a wealth of experience in Operations, quality and environmental management. She is responsible for formulating long-term business strategies to achieve profitable revenue growth. Her current duties include overseeing all aspects of operations, including managing employees, planning projects, and keep contracts running effectively and smoothly.

She holds a Bachelor Degree in Arts Faculty. She will coordinate with other departments to establish goals, prepare detail report and recommendation as well as ensures that appropriate safety and health policies, procedures and programs are effectively.