Waihong Environmental Services Limited

Waihong Environmental Services Limited is committed to the highest standards of services in maintaining a healthy and clean environment expected by our customer. Since our inception, we have since grown to become one of Hong Kong’s largest and most trusted environmental services company. With over 50 years of experience and expertise and a current portfolio of over 250 substantial projects, we are competent in providing all our clients with the best quality services. Today, we have more than 1,000 services contracts covering nearly every corner of Hong Kong. Currently we have employed over 6,000 trained skilled staff and have net asset of over HK$80 million, including a fleet of over 50 municipal vehicles. We are committed to offering professional hygiene management services to a wide spectrum of facilities and assets including residential estates, transport complexes, grade-A commercial offices, shopping centres, hotel housekeeping services, bank branches, tertiary institutions etc. We are confident that we are able to manage projects of any sizes with the highest standard.

Waihong Integrated Green Services Limited

Waihong Integrated Green Services Limited (previous known as Waihong Pest Control Services Ltd) provides pest solutions management and other professional integrated green services solutions including waste management, specialized cleaning and supporting & cleansing services for HKSAR Government etc.

Premier Custodian Services Limited

Premier Custodian Services Limited, a new arm of Waihong Services Group, offers exclusive expert and superior services from a team of dedicated professionalism to our premium clients with the best overall sanitation hygienic management services.

Waihong Medicare Services Limited

With our unique strengths in the environmental hygienic services, Waihong has further been expanding our business to healthcare industry by incorporating a new company, namely Waihong Medicare Services Limited. It provides professional and quality services including public and private hospital cleaning, as well as domestic and portering services to ensure a reliable, hygienic, safe and comfortable environment, ultimately leading to a widespread of a high standard of hygiene in the community.

Guangzhou Chunhong Environmental Services Limited

Waihong has set up a wholly owned foreign investee company in Guangzhou as to look for opportunity to expand its business in Greater China. The company was already incorporated in Guangzhou in year 2014 and it is named as “Guangzhou Chunhong Environmental Services Limited”, which is currently under management by Waihong. In 1994, Waihong has set up “Standard Environmental Co. Limited”. It has become one of the prominent foreign investee company in Guangzhou environmental hygiene industry. Due to company restructuring, Waihong has withdrawn the management board in 2013.